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Coney Island

On sunday after throwing a rather successful engagement party the night before my roommate Michelle and I headed to the beach with some friends. The weather man called for rain so we decided to hit up Coney Island instead of going to a beach that was further out just so we could get some sun in before the storm hit. Have to love those weather men, they said it was supposed to rain the night before which would have fucked up the roof top engagement dinner and that sunday was going to be beautiful. It was of course the opposite. Can’t plan for the weather now can you?

I packed everyone some lunch using the leftovers from the party before we headed out to Coney. Slow cooked pinto beans and mashed yams with roasted peppers and eggplants from the garden, topped with an herb cheddar cheese sauce and an ancho chili BBQ sauce, not too shabby. But upon arriving at Coney Island and seeing all the delicious fair food they had I immediately said to the group, “you guys are more than welcome to eat the sandwiches I brought but I won’t be offended in the least bit if you would rather eat the fair food because I sure as hell am going to.” Damn did I want a Nathan’s hot dog. And a deep fried oreo. And peppers and sausage. And…

We decided to hit up the old school ferris wheel and on the way down ironically ran in to my roommate Adam who was filming a music video of sorts with some friends. If you go to Coney Island and get on the Ferris Wheel (that is about 90 years old) I recommend sitting on one of the carts that moves, it makes for a much more exciting, and a bit more scary, experience. The one thing I really love about old amusement parks that you can’t seem to get out of the newer ones is that extra sense of fear. You know, the fear that the ride you are on is so old that the cart you are strapped in to could derail at any moment and send you plummeting 60 feet to the sidewalk. Who doesn’t love that feeling?

After rides and a few unsuccessful game attempts (damn you game where you can’t touch the medal circle to the crooked medal rode or the alarm goes off) we grabbed a few of those yard pina coladas and sat down to eat some food. The four girls I was with thought that the drink was too sweet and they ordered beers but I was enjoying mine quite much and drank most of it. I will admit it wasn’t that great but what do you expect? You get a free refill with each drink so I had no problem sucking them down and getting some more for the group, but not before I picked up an order of delicious cheese fries from Nathan’s for everyone.

After a few drinks we hit up the beach for a minute and admired the diversity that is Coney Island beach. I’ve never seen someone go in the water with their socks on before, let alone trudge them through the wet sand after they got out. Life is beautiful. Coney Island is kind of awesome and I glad it never shut down as they said it was going to when I first moved here. It only took me four years to ride the wheel. Look how far I have come.

When we returned home I must have been in challenge mode because some new things have come up. As an effort to save some money, and perhaps our bodies as well, Michelle and I thought it would be fun to start attempting to recreate some of her favorite frozen and fast made boxed foods and figure out how to make them from scratch. Tostino’s Pizza Rolls came first after a late night drunken purchase of a box of them the night before.

More on how that went along with other homemade attempts of our favorite boxed and frozen foods (think about the possibilities friends…) to come but for now I will say I am enjoying my second day without eating meat. I really want to explore being a vegetarian for a little while so as to have a better grip on what it means to cook for one.

Sometimes life can be tough, and I know that my last post left a few people in the dark, as it left me, but sometimes you just have to say fuck it, stop thinking too much, and get out there and enjoy some delicious time at Coney Island with good company. No one has showed and reminded me of that more than my roommate Michelle.

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