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Peach Short Cake with a Plum Syrup and Raspberry “Oatmeal” Ice Cream

Being a bit rushed, and having a tad too much fun, I screwed up the ice cream I was making yesterday worse than I could have hoped for, in the best way possible. I made so many unimaginable mistakes that I came out of the experience with a product unknown to man.

God I love mistakes, wish I could make them more often. I am not being sarcastic, it can be hard to find a proper mistake these days, what with everyone trying to copy one another and all and do what they are told, you’d be lucky to fuck something up and create your own unique experience in the process. See, sometimes the only way to do something new is to be fortunate enough to screw up what you already think is right.

This week for the giveaway:

For anyone living in the NYC area that is within deliverable distance from Williamsburg, for a free baked good, answer this question.

In the process of making ice cream, what happens when you crush raspberries up, add them to milk, and then heat the milk on high heat?

4 Responses to “Bi-Weekly “Pie” Giveaway Contest: #2”

  1. karen says:

    you’re infusing the milk with raspberries/raspberry flavor!

  2. admin says:

    that is what I thought I was doing! It was mistake #1 of the 3-4 I made during the ice cream process.

  3. laura says:

    it curdles?? :(

  4. admin says:

    CORRECT!!! It curdled but being the idiot that I am I went with it and ended up making some kind of crazy curdled ice cream that tasted, no joke, like raspberry oatmeal. (I have no idea how or why)

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